About Us

About Us

Templar Knights Partnership is an Anglo-Portuguese partnership. We specialise in Private Guided Knights Templar Tours in the Knights Templar Region of Central Portugal. We also undertake Private Guided Tours across the whole of Portugal and into Spain.

Our partnership was formed in 2010 to promote the Knights Templar City of Tomar and its region in central Portugal. This site gives you the chance to find out more about our Private Guided Tours . You can also find out about the Knights Templar of Tomar, and the Knights Templar Region of Portugal.

All our Partners are experienced Guides with a deep knowledge about the Knights Templar. They are:

  • Sylvia Anginotti

Sylvia Anginotti is a former college lecturer and mediaeval history graduate. She spent many summers travelling Mediaeval Pilgrim routes through Europe. She researched and wrote the guidebook “The Knights Templar of Tomar” in English and Portuguese. She is currently co-authoring a book about the Knights Templar Order and its successors the Order of Christ 

  • João Fiandeiro 

João Fiandeiro is a specialist in historic trails and is Director of Caminhos da História, a Cultural Tourism company. He has a Masters Degree in Cultural Tourism and is a former journalist and Professor in Tomar Polytechnic. He is a researcher and author of Knights Templar history. He is a qualified regional tourist guide and a member of the Knights Templar Order OSMTH.  His expertise and knowledge are a key factor in enabling us to offer clients these amazing tours. He speaks English, French, Italian,  Spanish, Portuguese

  • Peter Moore

Peter Moore worked for many years across Europe as a private consultant on economic regeneration, particularly through tourism. He has an extensive, in-depth, knowledge of the Templars and the medieval world. He is responsible for marketing and tour organisation.  He speaks English, French, German, Portuguese

  • Sandra Costa

Sandra Costa was born in Tomar and has worked and lived there and in Lisbon. Proud of the history and heritage of Tomar she loves to help people to understand its history. She was a journalist and Head of Communications for a UNESCO World Heritage site. A Graduate in Communication she speaks English, French and Portuguese.

All our guides are locally based, professionally qualified, experts. We can offer tours in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian.

We love Tomar, Portugal, History, Tradition and the Knights Templar. Our aim is to share the history of Tomar and the amazing Knights Templar Order with you.

We believe the best way to achieve this is to bring people to this wonderful part of Portugal. To sample its wonderful history, culture and scenery. To enjoy the great food and wine. To get to know the delightful people who live and work here. 

Our Mission

We aim to provide an ethical, professional, personal, service to all our clients.  We welcome and value the diversity of all our clients. We put our clients first. As an Anglo-Portuguese partnership, we combine Northern European efficiency and attention to detail with Southern European warmth and charm. We aim to boost Tomar and its region’s economy and provide employment for local people.

We love Tomar and its surrounding region. Not just because of the wonderful castle and the access to Knights Templar sites. Nearby is the Zêzere River which was dammed for a hydro-electric scheme effectively creating a lake that can be travelled by boat for nearly 60 km. It also has a number of river beaches along its length and in the summer, it is fabulous to swim in its clean fresh water with a temperature of 27°C.

Less than a one hour drive from Tomar is Portugal’s stunning Silver Coast. It is a marvel of Atlantic rollers, golden, sparsely populated beaches and incredible fish and seafood restaurants. Here are located some of the finest golf courses in Europe. Within an hour are some of the most famous historical sites of Portugal. Many of them associated with the Knights Templar.

Then there is the marvellous Portuguese weather with virtually guaranteed sun from April to November. The wonderful gastronomy and cooking of Portugal and the unbelievable wines of the Ribatejo region in which Tomar sits.

And of course, there are the Portuguese people themselves. Friendly, charming, laid back and always willing to help. When the people who work in hotels and shops say “Have a nice day” to you they really mean it.

Working with our local Portuguese partners we have developed some fantastic tours.  Tours that showcase this beautiful region and its incredible history and culture. You can find out about the Knights Templar Experience Tours on our Tours Page

The amazing Festa dos Tabuleiros, the Festival of the Trays. happens every four years in Tomar. It is one of the most spectacular Festivals in Europe.  The next one takes place in 2023 and it is something you should see at least once in your lifetime. In May 2013 the first Festa Templária took place. This fantastic event features a wonderful parade of Templar Knights through the Historic City streets. This event is now held annually in July. If you want to visit Tomar during these events you need to book early. For further information about them please contact us.

We hope that you will be interested in what we are doing. We will be delighted if you want to purchase any of our Tours. We will be overjoyed if you decide that you too want to visit Tomar and its region and enjoy it as we enjoy it.

Come as Our Guests and return as Our Friends

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