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  1. Thomas & Carrie Barrett. USA says:

    We had a great experience. Peter was excellent in pre tour planning with limited communication options on short notice. Sandra was excellent as a source of information and being able to modify the days plans on the fly as things came up. The experience itself was a once in a lifetime memory my wifr and i will have forever. Thanks to all!

  2. David & Jesse Schell, New Zealand says:

    We are both interested in both Tomar and the Knights Templar. Last year, we visited in a large tour and had little time to see anything at all. We promised that this year we would actually see the sights. We booked 5 tours with Knight Templar Tours, with Peter and Sandra, expecting the opposite experience.

    We were not disappointed! Everything went smoothly. We were collected at our hotel and driven by private car to the sights. Our guides were knowledgeable and entertaining. We saw so many things and learned much. The best part was that everything was leisurely and well-paced. We were never rushed so there was ample time to actually look around, shop, stop to eat and for beverages. We never ended a day out being exhausted.

    The entire experience with Knights Templar Tours was excellent and we can highly recommend them. In fact, it was such a great experience to get to know both Tomar and it’s environs and history, that we ended up buying an apartment in Tomar and will be moving there in a few months. We can’t blame Peter or Sandra for that but they did help us to make the decision!

    David & Jesse
    New Zealand

  3. David & Jesse Schell says:

    After participating in a large group tour, we promised ourselves that, on our return to Tomar, we would take private tours only. We booked 5 tours with Templar Knights Tours over a period of a fortnight. Everything was perfect – it couldn’t have been better. Peter and Sandra are both excellent tour guides. We went by private car and we driven around the area. We had lots of time to look around, see the sights, have lunch and stop for something to drink. Never were we rushed! We are interested in both the Tomar area and the Knights Templar and we learned so many new things about both. Definitely, the tours are well-worth the money spent.

    I should add, that we were so enchanted with the entire experience and locale that we ended up buying an apartment in Tomar!

    Thanks, Peter and Sandra, for a great time.

    Jesse & David
    New Zealand

  4. Michael & Lyn, Australia says:

    A brief note to pass on our thanks for a wonderful experience today.
    Sandra was a wonderful guide and her knowledge and enthusiasm made our tour all the better. We would like to express our additional appreciation for the transfer to Evora which worked perfectly. We will promote whenever the opportunity arises.
    Many thanks again
    Michael & Lyn

  5. Jacqui - Melbourne, Australia says:

    We just wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had with Sandra today.
    Her knowledge of the history of Tomar was incredible. She is such a gifted storyteller and imparted her wisdom in such an enlightening way.
    We feel that we made a new friend along the way. Many thanks for organising such a fantastic tour.

  6. Michael and Rosie Langton from Hull says:

    We had the pleasure of spending 5 days with Peter, Sylvia and Sandra in May touring the medieval and Templar sites in the Tomar region and beyond. Traveling through spectacular scenery from sea to mountains. Peter and Sandra have vast knowledge of the templars and the history of the area. We visited many sites off the beaten track an independent traveller would not normally experience. We enjoyed regional food with Peter and Sandra in local restaurants. We recommend anyone with an interest in templar history book a guided tour.

  7. Stephen Reyes - California says:

    I’m an amateur history nerd and wanted to experience Portugal and the Knights Templar history. This tour fit the bill! Peter was a wonderful guide and took me through a number of spots in Tomar with a focus into the history in a way that I never would have been able to do on my own. His enthusiasm and knowledge were impressive! His in understanding of every little detail was apparent as I continuously asked questions and he had the answers at the ready. If you think a 4 hour commitment is too long, you’ll be shocked at how fast the time goes in goes by. This tour was fascinating, educational, and fun!

  8. Neville Wallace - Australia says:

    I would just like to thank you very much for the excellent tour of
    Tomar that we did in April, it was everything that we hoped it would
    be, your knowledge of the history of the Knights Templar in Tomar is
    amazing, also the way you explained it was very easy to understand and
    not to overpowering, I would certainly recommend your tour to anyone
    who has the slightest interest in the Knights Templar history.

  9. Angela Berg Washington says:

    My husband and I just had the absolute pleasure of doing a Tomar tour with Sylvia. We’re both Knights Templar history buffs and were excited to visit these key sites. Booking with Peter was a smooth and quick process and he worked with us to accommodate our travel schedule, as we only had a couple of hours in Tomar while traveling between LIsbon and Porto.

    Sylvia was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Tomar, the Templars, the Order of Christ as well as general Portuguese history. She also shared a great deal about the specifics of the construction of the monastery, which I especially appreciated. The monastery is a vast complex and she a terrific job curating the tour.

    Overall a top-notch experience and highly recommended. My husband and I always book private tours while we’re in Europe and this was among the best.

    Thank you so much!

    Angela Berg and Jeff Boselly

  10. Richard, Cathy, Rollie and Dzintra from Canada says:

    We were transferring from Porto to Lisbon and decided to stop in Tomar. I am glad we found this company as Peter was able to accommodate our small 2 hour window. Walking around by ourselves would not have done this place justice. As it was we only touched briefly on many things as our time didn’t allow. It was a rainy day but we still had a fabulous tour with Sylvia! We are Canadians and Oak Island (TV Show) fans so love anything about the Templars!

  11. Michael - USA says:

    Did a week long trip to Portugal visiting lots of the major attractions.

    But we saved the best for the last day with our Templar tour!!! Our guide, Miquel was friendly and knowledgeable, answering all our questions and pointing out details we never would have seen or understood if we visited these site by ourselves. Our driver, Judite, was also friendly and shared her keen knowledge of region.

    Our private all day Templar tour was jam packed but never rushed. We were promptly picked up in Lisbon and driven to Tomar and dropped off back at our hotel at the end of the day. Extremely convenient!

    We visited the Convent of Christ, the 16th Century Aqueduct of Pegões, the 12th century Templar Pantheon church of Santa Maria do Olival as well as a short walking tour of Tomar where we had a great lunch with Miguel and Judite who recommended some fine dishes to order. After lunch saw the Quinta da Cardiga (which unfortunately has been closed to the public for many years) and walked around the surrounding abandoned town. Finally we ended the tour with a visit to Almourol to visit the Knights Templar Castle on the river.

    Overall, a great trip that is unlike most other “drive by” pre-packaged tours.

  12. Laura Katz - Connecticut says:

    Peter was excellent and full of passion. His knowledge was outstanding and gave lots of additional information to make the tour fun and interesting.

    I highly recommend him as a guide.

    Connecticut, USA

  13. Martha - Florida says:

    We had a great time on our Knights Templar tour with Sylvia. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. She was even kind enough to share her book on the Knights Templar history with us. Peter was also very friendly and responsive to our desire to have a last minute tour!

  14. Rodrigo Péclat de Sousa - Brazil says:

    We had a wonderful time with Sandra visiting Almourol castle and the Convent of Christ. She had really deep knowledge about The knights Templar and Portuguese history and was also really friendly. We highly recommend both tours.

  15. a lewis - Portugal says:

    I live here in Portugal and for the last couple of years have been meaning to take this tour but only got round to it last weekend when a friend, as interested as I, decided to go. We met Sandra at the Castle/Convent and had the most amazing tour for 2 hours. Highly recommended as something to do in this incredibly important castle in the history of Knights Templar and the famous Navigator who through maps and knowledge made Portugal one of the most richest countries at that time.

  16. Brian Frisch - USA says:

    My wife Meg and I went on a full day trip with Peter and Sandra. We had asked to customize our tour a bit and they had no trouble adjusting to give us some more time in Alcobaca and Batalha. They had someone leave the business and so they had to adjust again to make the schedules work, which meant we went to lunch with Peter (fantastic) and saw a few more Tomar sights that were already on our list for free. Peter was very knowledgable and told us many things that would have been glossed over on a group tour or outright ignored (such as the room in the Convent of Christ where some of the Portuguese Inquisition took place). He also gave us a lot of the geopolitical reasoning that led up to the events that took place in each location, which give the places a lot more historical grounding. When we asked a question he could not answer, he researched it that night and we had a response the next day.

    Sandra also went in to great detail about Alcobaca and Batalha and pointed out little intricacies that gave the places their historical grounding or pointed to the hubris of the designers.

    Both were excellent guides that could go in any direction you wanted to know more about and would highly recommend them to anyone going to Tomar and wanting to get a deep history of the most famous structures in the region.

  17. Lisa Cuevas - NYC says:

    My husband and I had the pleasure of booking a Templar Knights tour while visiting Portugal a few weeks ago. Firstly, we had the pleasure of having both Sandra as our tour guide for the morning portion of the tour and Peter for the afternoon portion. From the moment we were picked up at our hotel, Sandra educated us on the marvels of the Templars. Our afternoon session with Peter was equally as informative. Both have such knowledge- beyond in what you would read in a guide book. It was so interesting finding out so many details which would have been overlooked should we have not had them to guide us through the wonders and marvels of these castles. And on a personal note – they are both charming and witty! I highly recommend this tour – you will learn so much and have a great time doing so.

  18. Larry Rennacker - California says:

    We were on our way to Tomar and wanted a tour of the Convent of Christ; Templar Castle. Peter was exceptionally responsive and set up a tour with Sandra in short order. She was exceedingly knowledgeable and witty: an informational delight. I felt sorry for the tourists that went on their own; they missed 90% of what they were actually looking at. Santa Barbara, CA.

  19. Shahrokh Shariat - Austria says:

    We went on our wonderful tour with Sandra. We truly enjoyed Every minute of it. We learned so much about everything from the Templars to modern Portugal. Highly recommended.

  20. Cheryl C, Calgary, Canada says:

    July 19, 2018. My husband and I were travelling with adult children. We had our own transportation and we were staying not far from the Tomar area. Peter accommodated our request for a tour that did not originate in either Porto or Lisbon. He assembled a Knights Templar Tour afternoon that allowed us to meet Sandra in Tomar at the Covenant of Christ. . Sandra is an amazing knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide. Her passion for Portuguese culture, politics, economics and the Knights Templar left us wanting to know more this region. Sandra provided us with the perfect backdrop of history, while giving us time to explore and take photographs. We were also able to visit the aqueducts, and the synagogue and see a few sights in the village. I believe that our experiences and memories are influenced by the people you meet along the way. Our day with Sandra was a highlight of our Portuguese adventure. Peter’s attention and personalization to these private tours exceeded our expectations. Please do not hesitate to explore the area with them.

  21. Margaret E Allen - Michigan says:

    Peter was fantastic! I had high hopes for this tour, and Peter exceeded all expectations. His knowledge and genuine interest in the Templar Knights made it a fun and educational tour for our entire family. We learned a lot! Peter did a nice job including our 11 year old son and making it fun for him. I highly recommend this tour.

  22. Sheila Shayegan - Kent UK says:

    We were keen to do a tour of the Knights Templar after seeing some of the tours advertised on various sites, and after some digging I came across this site and I feel if I tell you it’s a find, I’m downplaying it. It was our favourite day in Lisbon. Peter Moore, one of the owners of the business, is nothing short of professional and informative, and that’s just dealing with him on the emails. He was so helpful in suggesting times and catering the private tour for us, and it ran like clockwork. The tour itself was eye opening, we started in the city of Tomar, including the Jewish Quarter, and Peter walked us through the history which was absolutely fascinating. It’s an incredibly charming city and I think if you are thinking about this, he mentioned the Festa dos Tabuleiros (Festival of the Trays) is next year (2019) and I’d time it with that. After lunch we were taken to the Knights Templar Castle and Convent of Christ which is an experience that I’m unlikely to forget. If you’re interested in the history of the Templars, absolutely do this with Peter, his knowledge is astounding and he amused us greatly on a few occasions. The Convent is lovely and it’s once again incredible to think what was built centuries has still survived. I have to say that we both felt incredibly privileged to have had this experience with Peter, it was something quite special, and honestly for my two cents, it’s a must tour if you’re interested in the subject and learning more. It’s definitely something I won’t forget. Thanks for a wonderful day.

  23. Michael Cheung - Seattle USA says:

    My wife and I and our 2 friends visited Tomar in late April of this year. We had Sandra as our guide. It was an amazing tour…..1 and half day, deep dive into the history of Portugal, Knights Templars, and other Orders. We highly recommend them. Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and accommodative to our needs%

  24. Ruth Hagerty USA says:

    We had a wonderful tour with Sergio. The places he took us to were wonderful and we would never have found them on our own. He knew so much and was obviously enthusiastic about the topics. I have mobility issues after 2 knee replacements and he was very considerate about tailoring the tour so it was not too demanding but I never felt I was missing out. It was the best thing we did in Portugal.

  25. Julie and Tracy Rosa USA says:

    What an extraordinary 2 days we had with our outstanding guide, Sandra. She was knowledgeable, insightful, answered our questions and guided us expertly through the history of Portugal and the knights, kings, queens and saints. The sites were breathtaking, and the stories fascinating. Our sincerest thanks for an unforgettable adventure!

  26. Barbara & Barry - Canada says:

    Had a wonderful one day tour from Lisbon of the Megaliths with Joao. Was a well planned tour giving us a cross section of all the types of stone structures. Highly recommend.

  27. Adrian Shuker - Cumbria says:

    I have recently returned from a 5 day tour, with Sandra as my guide. The trip involved visits to several Templar castles and two monasteries. The weather was mainly rainy throughout, which wasn’t an issue and probably made it more memorable, particularly at Almourol and Monsanto, where we were thoroughly drenched. I have to say that Sandra was fabulous throughout, as I have problems with my ears which required her to be very patient when describing the sites. She has considerable knowledge and we had some wonderful conversations about Portuguese history and the Portugal of today. I tried to explain Brexit, and failed miserably. I should also mention that the Hotel Templarios in Tomar, was fine. Thank you Peter and Sylvia for providing a very enjoyable and hassle free holiday.

  28. Michael Strachan says:

    Mike and Joan ; Virginia
    We spent two days in September touring the castles and town of Tomar with Peter. The depth of knowledge Peter brings to his tours is unequaled in comparison to any of the many tours we have taken in Portugal. His knowledge of the period brings to life the time of the Templars in Europe. The tour of the Templar Castle could not have been more thorough and interesting; I can’t imagine what it would have been as much fun without his insights on it’s history.
    Tomar is not to be missed.

  29. Lori - Wisconsin says:

    Peter was so great to arrange a tour with pick up in Sintra and then visits to Obidos and Tomar with drop off in Lisbon. Our guide, Sergio, was a true gem! He was so knowledgeable and considerate. I have always had an interest in the Knights Templar and this tour was so informative. I highly recommend working with Peter to arrange a tour of Tomar. Tomar is a city not to be missed. Our day with Sergio was my favorite time of our Portugal trip.

  30. Mara Ussino - Italy says:

    I visited Tomar last week and I booked a daily tour with Peter, I had read about the Templar Knights tours in Internet and I decided to book, and that was the best idea I have had, the tour was fabulous, I learned and discovered a lot of things that I would have never found by myself, Peter is the best guide I have ever had! My advice is: don’t visit Tomar by yourself, you would loose a lot of important and wonderful things, call Peter and book a tour with him! He knows everything about the story of the town and the Knights, and he is a very nice guy, if I should rate the tour I would say absolutely 10, the top!!

  31. Sherry Daley - Calgary, Canada says:

    My husband and I did the Knights Templar half-day tour with Peter in late September – and we loved it! Peter is an awesome guide – his thorough knowledge of the history of the Knights Templar, with bits of more broad-ranging history and religion thrown in, made the tour exceptional. I finished the tour wishing I knew more about history in general. We finished off by having a lovely lunch with Peter in Tomar – he is a charming and gracious host, and hopefully we can get back to Portugal to do another tour with him.

    Do this tour!!! You won’t be disappointed.

  32. Jon and Colleen Thompson - New York says:

    We had a fabulous experience with Peter and very highly recommend Knights Templar tours! Peter is incredibly knowledgeable about a range of topics from deep Templar history to the overall region and felt like we could ask him anything! He can also tailor the tour and discussion to any subject the guests are particularly interested in. Peter is incredibly professional and just generally a pleasure to get to know! He was even nice enough to send us books for follow up reading and suggest other things to do in Lisbon. Knights Templar tours is a must for anyone visiting Tomar or the broader Lisbon area – 10/10!!

  33. Sandra Moloney, Ireland says:

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Peter and Sylvia and I was taken on a tour of the castle.It was my first time to have a historical tour and I found it very enjoyable and Peter was very interesting and entertaining. He gave the tour with great expertise and knowledge and I would highly recommend this tour with Peter. I truely enjoyed my experience and felt I was back in that period of history and intrigue. A very memorable experience. Would definitely take this tour again.

  34. Lance Alberta Canada says:

    Peter and Sylvia took my wife and me on a great tour of Tomar. I found them on a random Google search and they met with us on short notice the next day. We have been lucky to have travelled a lot and over the years have done many tours. This day with Peter and Sylvia was one of our best tours ever. The Templar Knights provides great material for a fascinating glimpse into that historical period. The Templar material and historical intrigues were presented with a genuine enthusiasm and we were left with a desire to know more. Our guides were both fun and entertaining and they are natural storytellers. We would heartily recommend this tour.

  35. Sue - USA says:

    I contacted Peter before leaving for Portugal and he was very helpful working within our time frame to set up a tour in Tomar. Sandra met us as arranged and she was so pleasant and informative. It truly made a large difference in visiting Tomar and understanding the history and Tomar’s important sights. Would highly recommend.

  36. Jeanmarie Tan - Philippines says:

    Our trip to Portugal was in the spring, April 8-16, and we were blessed with the extraordinary experience of Knights Templar Tours in Portugal. Found them on the internet when I was looking for someone who could provide an intelligent custom multi-day tour of Portugal at a reasonable price. We didn’t want to drive and we wanted a guide with REAL expert knowledge, one who could give an insightful account of the history and cultural significance of the places we were going to visit. Our two teenage children were traveling with us so I wanted the trip to be an educational one. Knights Templar Tours delivers all this and more!

    What sets Knights Templar Tours apart from all the other tour providers I had contacted is their willingness to go the extra mile to make your tour exactly the way you want it, with smart suggestions on how to maximize your experience of the sights, all within budget. And simply put, they’re all very, very nice people!

    Peter Moore genuinely tried to help me figure out the logistics of my itinerary without expecting me to actually place a booking with his company. He offered to help me with information on train routes and schedules. I really appreciated that, and it certainly made me take a second look! It was a pleasure working with Peter, even his after-sales service is impeccable. He is always very courteous, respectful and unassuming in his emails. You really get a sense of the company’s mission and their commitment to personalized service. Dealing with Knights Templar Tours is easy and effortless; you will be taken care of. There is no English language barrier as Peter is British, and he has travelled extensively himself, so communicating the many nuances of what you want out of a travel experience is very easy.

    Although Knights Templar Tours seems to focus on central Portugal, they most certainly cover the entire country. We started off in Porto, then headed north to Guimaraes and Braga. We had booked a separate hiking tour in Gerés National Park with a local guide. After Gerés we headed to the central region, visiting Aveiro, Buçaco forest, Coimbra, Fatima, and Tomar before heading to Lisbon along the coastal towns of Nazaré, with a delightful stop at Obidos. We capped the weeklong journey with tours of Lisbon and the surrounding coastal areas of Sintra, Estoril, Cabo de Roca, and Cascais.

    Our guide was João Fiandeiro Santos, who is truly an expert on all of Portugal! He’s exceptional. His knowledge of Templar history is extraordinary, as is his passion for Portugal and its culture. His ability to share this with others in a very engaging manner makes for a wonderful tour. We enjoyed many walks with João, and the feeling was always like an old friend showing you his neighborhood. He is an easygoing fellow who tirelessly answered what must have been more than a thousand questions! Indeed, he had an answer for almost everything, and he widened our perspective. Our kids were fascinated by the history, the symbolisms inherent in the architectural elements of the monuments, and the evolution of the country and its people. João is able to relate the past with the present, providing you with a different world-view of things. Our discussions also revolved around Western esotericism and its various movements throughout the ages–touching many areas of philosophy, religion, art, science, popular culture as well as counter-culture. It was a very interesting learning adventure for all of us!

    It was fun driving around with João. He is an excellent driver who managed the time very well. We sampled local cuisine–the francesinha of Porto, the roast piglet of the central region, and the seafood stew of the coast, among many others. João managed to get us a table with an incredible view of the coast in Nazaré and we had an unforgettable meal there! All of João’s guided tours were excellent, and some of our favorites were the Igreja de São Francisco in Porto, the Biblioteca Joanina in Coimbra, the Convent of Christ in Tomar, and the Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra. João was in his element in these special places. He brought them to life in a way that no other guide or guidebook can. It was as if we were with a Templar knight himself!

    This was a truly memorable trip and our only regret is not planning for a longer one. But then again that gives us a reason to return, and we will surely contact Knights Templar Tours again.

  37. Scott Anderson - California says:

    Thanks to Peter for being so responsive and getting us Sandra on short notice for a tour of Tomar. Sandra was awesome. She was easy to find at the cafe, and her knowledge was incredible and interesting. We would have been totally lost in the convent without her, as we didn’t realize how large and complex it was. Her stories of the Knights Templar and Order of Christ were new to us. We also enjoyed our visit to the town of Tomar, and were grateful for her relationships in Tomar, taking us to a great place for lunch where she new the owner, the synagogue where she has a close relationship with the volunteer who keeps it open, and the owner of the crazy ratta restaurant.

  38. Leila RUSSIA says:

    I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Peter for organizing a tour in Tomar for us.
    It was definitely a most amazing and memorable highlight of our holidays in Portugal.
    Our guide Sandra was very knowledgeable and gave us so much information and insights about Templars, I am very grateful to her for inspiring my 13 years old boy to read further about the Order after the trip. I am very happy to recommend your company to our friends and family and we also will be back soon!

  39. Barbara James - Canada says:

    Our tour was easily arranged with Peter by email and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip. We learned wonderful historical facts and interesting details at all the Templar sites we visited, and the lovely afternoon was perfect to enjoy the short boat ride to the Almourol castle. Peter answered all our many questions about beautiful Tomar and Portugal in general. We also met Peter’s lovely wife Sylvia, an accomplished historian who contributed to our understanding of the Knights Templar through her excellent small book, which we will treasure as a valuable addition to our experience.

    I would highly recommend this company for their organization, adaptability and professional service. We would not hesitate to book another tour when we return.

  40. H.White says:

    Superb tour, tailored around my interests; picked up in Lisbon bang on time, more fitted into the day than I expected and delivered back to my hotel again when needed. Joao as a guide is way better than his modest biography reads, his understanding of history and the esoteric aspects are excellent. The tour was organised by Peter in the UK professionally and at a realistic price ; 100% recommended and they tell me that the business is expanding into new areas. All good news , I have already put a couple of historians in touch for a tour next month.

  41. Ivette Martinez - USA says:

    While we made all arrangements with Peter, Joao was our tour guide for the day (Nov. 29). From the start we had a good feeling of the company through our emails with Peter, who was very detailed in terms of what the tour included, pricing, etc. Later on, he also provided train schedule to Entroncamento and suggested the closest train station from our hotel. Joao met us at the Entroncamento platform and took us on his car, duly identified with the company logo. Joao is also a resident of Tomar and he is well verse in the region’s history. While very knowledgeable, he was flexible to accomodate to the group’s interests. He answered to all our questions and more! Joao took us to Almourol Castle (lovely views!), Christ Church and a walking tour of Tomar. Every body knows Joao in town. He took us to a local restaurant for lunch. The quality of the food was excellent and at a reasonable cost. We would love to visit again the Knights Templar region and when that happends, we know who we can depend on to give us a very fullfilling, informative and fun tour. Thanks Peter and Joao!

  42. Donna Baker - Los Angeles says:

    We enjoyed every minute of our tour with Peter. His tour was Informative, fascinating and incredibly interesting. We knew very little about about Tomar and it’s rich history. Now, it will remain a special place to us. Meeting both Sylvia and Sandra was a pleasure and added to our wonderful experience. Thanks to you all!

  43. Mick, Colette, Guy, and Alex Stanley/USA and Belgium says:

    Our family thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Tomar and our tour of the Knights Templar Castle and the Convent of Christ. Peter and Sylvia brilliantly and kindly thought to both join our family so that one could present the tour at a level that would hold our (8 and 9-year-old) boys’ attention while the other (the roles alternated) ensured that the adults obtained maximal information on the amazing sites, and what an incredible wealth of knowledge both Peter and Sylvia have. Had our children not gotten hungry, we could have extended the tour for hours on end, and Peter and Sylvia still would have had more information to share when it was time to leave. We were excited to learn that our next vacation destination is likewise steeped in Knights history, and our appetites have been whetted to learn as much as we can on them before we depart for that trip. Peter and Sylvia could not have been kinder or more hospitable, and we hope our journey takes us back to Tomar so that we can again visit with them and learn even more about this fascinating period of history. Thanks, Peter and Sylvia!

  44. Anita, Randy, and Colette, Vancouver, Canada says:

    Highly recommended and a highlight of our time in Portugal, we’re so happy to have found Peter and taken a private tour. Our group knew some basics of the Knights Templar order and Peter filled in the gaps with an exceptional knowledge base and humour! Peter truly went above and beyond for us all. Look forward to reading Peter’s book once published!
    Anita, Randy, and Colette

  45. Lisa Meenan says:

    I learned so much about the Knights Templar from Peter – I’d clearly only heard a tiny and quite inaccurate information before. All I had learned about them had been from books like the Da Vinci Code… all myths and all wrong!

    It was fascinating to hear about the real history behind the group – some of it quite disturbing to discover considering the parallels that can now be drawn with what is going on in the world.

    Peter was flexible to our group’s needs – it was a blisteringly hot day – so he kept much of the tour inside the cool walls. If you are thinking of taking one of these tours I can highly recommend Templar Knights.

  46. Mike & Margaret Lynock says:

    Having recently joined the Knights Templar Order UK I was extremely interested furthering my knowledge of the Order as much as possible. If you have an interest in the Knights Templar history this is the place for you. Peter, our guide on the first day could not do enough for us. This tour was different than most tours I’ve taken because of the personalization of the information given. I came away with a greater understanding and respect for the mission of the Templars, the sequence of the construction and the purpose of the building throughout the centuries.
    João was our guide for the second day. He explained the culture, politics and economics of not only the Knights Templar but Portugal too, past present and future. His in-depth knowledge of the past kings and queens was remarkable and made our tour around the UNESCO sites extremely memorable. We were so impressed with Peter and João we are in the process of arranging another visit for next year to attend the Templar Festival. We’re really looking forward to that.

    Mike & Margaret Lynock

  47. Janice from Toronto, Canada says:

    Peter was professional, organized and carefully checked to see what we were interested in prior to our arrival in Portugal. Unfortunately we were only able to take a short tour of 3.5 hours because we learned so much, and it was great fun. I could have spent 2 weeks with Peter and his wife. His knowledge was extensive, and he peppered the visit with anecdotes and little known facts. His pacing was perfect and we saw all we asked for despite the fact that we arrived one hour late.
    As a teacher, I could see that he would be great with young people and reluctant children. He constantly engaged us by asking questions- what do you think this was? Why is it here etc.
    A guided trip with Peter should be added to the book “1000 things to do before you die” book.

  48. JOAN Greco - New York says:

    When my friend Anthony chose Portugal to travel to, I immediately put a Knights of Templar tour on my wish list. This was purely based on what I read about in the DaVinci Code. I was fascinated by the idea of it and proceeded to explore the internet, for how we would do it. Neither one of us are “tour people”, as a rule. I contacted Peter and was charmed by him and the description of the tour, immediately. His beautiful description was only surpassed by the amazing day we spent with Joao.
    It was absolutely the best day of our 9 day trip…by far. From the boat ride to the fortress, our visit to Tomar where we shared a lovely lunch filled with stimulating conversation, and on to the Main event! Both Anthony and I, being well travelled and in our 60s, agreed that this tour was the highlight of our trip. The history and the architecture, so passionately spoken about by Jaoa. It is a day we will always remember. We were so very impressed, from start to finish. (Being lifelong New Yorkers, it takes a lot to impress us, I would say!)
    5 STARS and will be promoting it from this side of the Atlantic. OBRIGADA!

  49. Omar Murad - California says:

    We enjoyed the tour with Peter, much unexpected information. A memorable experience. Would definitely have missed a lot if I had gone to the convent without a tour. Time passed so quickly, I wished it was longer 🙂

  50. Olga Gregoire says:

    Peter took us on a tour Convent of Christ on a short notice on Sunday, which was our last day of visiting Lisbon and area! I only wish we were more organized to have spent more time with him and Sylvia. Two of us arrived at the train station and Peter picked us up. His passion and knowledge of this topic are amazing! Tomar is enchanting by itself and with Peter’s commentary you can feel as if you’ve travelled back in time. Don’t forget to visit the church in town and have Dulce take you around, she will cast a magic spell on you! Olga and Bob from BC, Canada

  51. Flo Mierke, Canada says:

    My sister and I are visiting Portugal from Canada and had the pleasure of taking this tour yesterday with our incredible tour guide, Joao (whom we called John). We were picked up at the train station, and then driven to our first stop which was to see Almoural Castle. John’s wealth of knowledge of the area, it’s history, and most importantly the Knights Templar, made this experience top notch. We stopped for a great lunch at a restaurant in the historic area of Tomar before our second tour which was the Knights Templar Castle and the Convent of Christ. Again, John provided a very detailed historical narrative and capably and patiently answered our many questions. At the end of the tour, we were escorted right to the door of our train car for our return trip back to Aveiro. This day will definately be a keeper for my Memory Box …..thank you so much John for a wonderful day! Obragada!

  52. John and Maggie R. - Wisconsin, USA says:

    We had a wonderful day with Peter and Dulce (a guide in training) in Tomar. Peter shared many interesting and some hilarious stories of the Templar Knights. Peter is professional, engaging and truly enjoys his work promoting the beautiful area around Tomar. Peter was the first private guide that we have hired and we were thrilled with our choice of guides. We were extremely lucky to have Dulce on our tour. She is a lovely Portuguese lady who had been the guide for the Synagogue in Tomar. She gave us a better appreciation of the Portuguese culture and a wonderful tour of the Synagogue.

  53. Elena - Italy says:

    Da tempo, desideravo visitare il Portogallo.
    Il mio interesse era rivolto, in particolare, verso quei luoghi che hanno segnato la storia dell’Ordine Templare e ne sono protagonisti.
    Purtroppo, avevo solo una settimana a disposizione e, a parte Lisbona e i suoi dintorni, erano troppe le cose che volevo vedere. Così, nei giorni precedenti la partenza, ho organizzato il mio tour.

    In particolare, volevo assolutamente recarmi a Tomar per visitare il Convento dell’Ordine di Cristo e il castello di Almourol.
    Una volta a Tomar, solo pochi chilometri mi avrebbero separata dagli altri siti Unesco, di Batalha e Alcobaca e mi sarei potuta concedere anche qualche ora a Fatima.

    Volevo essere certa di cogliere nel profondo ciò che avrei visto e, pur avendo fatto molta ricerca, ho sentito l’esigenza di trovare qualcuno, in loco, che potesse essere il mio mentore, “presentandomi” ai Templari portoghesi e aggiungendo quel qualcosa in più alle mie visite.

    Sul web, sono andata in cerca di questa figura e sono inciampata su Knights Templar Tours, a Tomar. Visitando il sito, ho capito subito di avere trovato ciò che faceva per me è così, ho scritto a Peter. Gli ho spiegato le mie esigenze, le mie aspettative, nei tempi e nel budget a mia disposizione. Lui mi ha affidata a Cecilia, una delle sue esperte guide, organizzando per me un tour privato.

    Con Knights Templar Tours ho passato un solo giorno, visitando Tomar e i suoi dintorni, ma è stato un giorno veramente perfetto. Cecilia non solo mi ha raccontato al meglio i luoghi che così tanto volevo vedere, rendendo il mio viaggio nel tempo più vero e ricco di sensazioni, ma mi ha anche mostrato siti che non compaiono sulle guide. Tutto questo, condito da una grande solarità e da una disponibilità discreta e generosa, che hanno reso quelle ore veramente speciali.

    Avevo grandi aspettative dal mio viaggio, ma non pensavo che questo “piccolo” Paese, arrampicato sulle scogliere dell’oceano, avrebbe potuto conquistarmi così.

    Se oggi il Portogallo è nel mio cuore è grazie a numerosi ingredienti: la luce quasi sacra, la sua storia ricca e complessa, il suo patrimonio artistico e culturale, ma anche il suo mare selvaggio e misterioso, quei paesaggi dai colori caldi, intervallati da una flora che arricchisce l’aria di profumi esotici che sorprendono il naso del viaggiatore catapultandolo all’improvviso, in Africa, in Sud America e verso terre lontane.

    Per non dimenticare…i sapori, tra cui il vino: pieno di vita e di sorridente saudade, mescolata a vivace allegria. Questa pozione magica ben esprime il Portogallo, la sua terra e la sua gente.

    Se il mio viaggio è stato un viaggio indimenticabile è grazie alla bellezza che il Portogallo può offrire, alla cortesia e simpatia della sua gente, gli incontri speciali. Tra questi incontri, il primo fra tutti è quello con Knights Templar Tours. Grazie Peter e Grazie Cecilia!

    I’ve wanted to go to Portugal for a long time.
    I am particularly interested in visiting places that have left their mark in the history of the Knights Templar.
    Unfortunately, I only had a week, and a part from visiting Lisbon and the surrounding areas, there was too much I wanted to see. So in the days before my departure, I organized my itinerary.
    In particular, I absolutely wanted to spend some time in Tomar to visit the Convento de Cristo and the castle of Almourol.
    Once in Tomar, just a few kilometres would have separated me from the other UNESCO world heritage sites, Batalha and Alcobaça and I could allow myself to spend a few hours in Fatima.

    I wanted to be sure to get a deep understanding of what I was going to see and, even though I had already done a lot of research, I needed to find somebody local who could be my mentor, and enhance my visit by introducing me to the Knights.

    I started looking on the web, and came across Knights Tempar Tours from Tomar. After reading through the website, I realised immediately that I’d found what I was looking for. So, I wrote to Peter, and set out my plans and expectations, my time constraints and budget. From that, Peter recommended me to Cecilia, one of his best guides, and organised a private tour for me.

    I spent just one day with Knights Templar Tours, visiting Tomar and its surroundings, but it really was the most perfect day. Cecilia not only talked me through all the places I had wanted to see, which made the experience so much richer, but she also showed me places that are not in the guidebooks.
    She did all this with a wonderful enthusiasm and generous spirit, which made the day really special.

    If Portugal has a place in my heart today, it is thanks to several factors: the almost sacred light; its complex and rich history; its artistic and cultural heritage; but also its wild and mysterious sea, and the warm colours of its landscapes, interspersed with a vegetation that enriches the air with exotic scents, throwing the traveller into Africa, South America and faraway lands.

    If my trip was an unforgettable one, it was thanks to the beauty that Portugal offers, the kindness and courtesy of its people, and the special encounters.
    The best of these encounters was with Knights Templar Tours. Thank you Peter and Cecilia!

  54. Jennifer and Michael says:

    Wonderful tour! We never did a private tour because we like exploring on our own and at our own pace. But this tour was wonderful. My husband and I had only one day to spend in Tomar and we able to see a lot without being overwhelmed. I emailed and heard back from Peter very quickly. I explained to him our situation and he was quite helpful and accommodating. He told us when to leave Lisbon to meet up and had us finished by the time we needed to get to our next destination by dark. He drove us around to places that we would have wasted valuable time looking for ourselves, we had a great lunch at a local place. And he filled us in on local info (current and historical) in addition to all the Templar Knights background we were there to learn about. Peter was funny and very easy to talk to- his knowledge, humor, and great friendly personality made for a wonderful day. Thanks! Jennifer and Michael, Connecticut, USA

  55. Peter Mueller and Ulrike E Mueller says:

    My wife Uli and I have a long standing interest in the Templar knights and their history, which brought us to Portugal in May this year. We were booking a two day private tour with Knights Templars, which turned into the most amazing and fantastic travel experience in a long time. Peter Moore from Knights Templar went out of his way to accommodate all our wishes (and more). He is not just extremely knowledgeable about Templars and the related historical, cultural and political facts but what really made it fun was his great sense of humor and him just being a most wonderful and caring human being. This is also true for his lovely wife Silvia and Joao, who was our tour guide on the second day. We were able to see amazing places such as the Quinta Cardiga, the Convento de Christo in Tomar, Castle Almurol and the Knights Templar castle, the Torro in Dornes, Fatima, the old aqueduct , a former Templar farm , an old Synagoge in Tomar and finally the famous Templar church ,Maria de Olivias, in Tomar, where Scott Walter (history channel) discovered the hooked X as a possible link to Templar findings in the US. I never thought it is possible to learn so much in two days not just about new insights into the Templars, but also about Portugal and it’s history and traditions as well as it’s modern day economic and political situation. Fascinating and eye opening! Peter and the team, truly made and make the difference and we cannot thank them enough for all their support, guidance and most wonderful arrangements! We came a strangers and left as
    friends ! Highly recommend the tours with Knights Templar ! They are the best and live the spirit of Templar knights!
    It was a phenomenal experience, Peter and the team! Will stay in contact and see you again!
    kind regards, Uli and Peter (Boston, USA).

  56. Ron and Diane Rigo - New York says:

    We can’t say enough about Peter Moore who spent more than two years helping us realize our dream of attending the once-every-four-years 2015 Festa dos Tabuleiros in Tomar. He and his partner Sylvia Anginotti are experts in the history of the Knights Templar and their Templarios tour is an absolute must. They took us to off the beaten path sites that figured prominently in the Knights’ history in Portugal. Our five-night stay in Tomar was fabulous beyond our expectations because of them and how they graciously accommodated our every wish. We will always be grateful for this wonderful time. Thanks so much!

  57. Lincoln - Australia says:

    My wife and I arrived late into Lisbon with little time to make arrangements for tours. Peter from Templar Knights took our call and was only too happy to sort out a trip for us well after normal hours. With only a very limited knowledge of the Templar Knights the tour was fascinating and Peter is extremely knowledgeable and provided little bits of information you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Even though the tour was over Peter continued to provide us information and tips for our further travels in Spain, certainly service that goes above and beyond. Thoroughly recommend the tour!

  58. Dennis and Cindy Higdon, Chicago, USA says:

    My wife and I contacted Knights Templar tours through the internet and we were very happy with the exchange of information that ensued. We opted for a one day private tour because of our age and a desire to have more time to discuss the Templar history and the area they governed one on one.
    We were very pleased with the resulting tour and our guide, Peter Moore. He demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the Templar’s history and the three sights we visited: Quinta Cardiga, Castle Almourol and the Knights Templar Castle and Convent of Christ in Tomar. We visited Tomar briefly in 2008 and had only had a short time to walk through the Convent of Christ during that visit.

  59. Len and Ayala Aronson says:

    My wife Ayala and I were very satisfied with the guiding and organization of Knights Templars. Joao Fiandeiro wa not only an excellent guide but he was a very fine human being as well. He has a very positive attitude to his work and we enjoyed his company and his knowledge. Peter and Sylvia made us feel as if we were their house guests.
    I have an interest in biology and the Knight Templar organization was very flexible in adding nature topics with the Templar history. We saw bottle-nosed dolphins, Spanish Imperial eagles and Egyptian vultures.
    We were very satisfied with the hotel accommodations, the food arrangements and the transportation and of course the guiding–all for a very reasonable price.

    Please keep up the good work; it was a pleasure dealing with you.

    Len and Ayala Aronson Kiryat Tivon Israel

  60. Angela Schumacher says:

    We took some time out in Tomar after 5 days walking the Camino Portugues from Lisbon. We were fortunate to meet Peter and Sylvia, and experience the Convento do Cristo with Peter. A truly insightful tour, but light hearted and entertaining as well. Such depth of knowledge into the Knights Templar Order, about which I had known almost nothing.
    I cannot recommend highly enough, Peter’s tour of the castle. So much detail and significance that would have gone unnoticed without him.
    These folk are also a great source of information about ways to enhance your general Tomar /Portuguese experience.
    It is a great job you are doing there, and a pleasure to meet you both.

    Angela and Judy from New Zealand

  61. Joe Molinari From Florida says:

    I hit the Knights Templar jackpot as soon as the team fetched me at the train station in Tomar. The fact they were both identified to me as fellow members of The Order made me feel confident that this tour would be a success. However, when they brought me to Hotel Dos Templarios for my stay and toured me energeticly and efficiently throughout the region, they fully exceeded my highest expectations. The tour was well worth what was paid for they catered to my interests. The entire team very much impressed me with their knowledge. I highly recommend this team and their product to anyone interested in this topic and will influence my fellow Templars to come to Tomar and take this tour. Thank you for all you do.

  62. Jennifer Porteus from Singapore says:

    My two boys (ages 10 and 13) and I had an afternoon in Tomar. We arranged for a three hour tour of the Convent of Christ as the boys were interested in the Templar knights.

    Peter and Sylvia’s tour far exceeded our expectations. We met up at a lovely, local restaurant where we had a nice catch-up and sampled authentic Portugese dishes. Then, on our way to the castle, Peter and Sylvia took us by a gorgeous old aqueduct that they knew the boys would enjoy.

    Our tour of the Convent of Christ was terrific! Peter and Sylvia had customized the tour to what two boys would be most interested in, and it was perfect. The kids adored it, as did I.

    Before we left, Peter and Sylvia made sure that we had information that we’d need for the rest of our quick tour around the region.

    They are knowledgeable guides and lovely people.

  63. Peter says:

    Older reviews from 2011 to 2013.

    Nothing could have prepared us for the magnificence and extent of the Templar Knights castles, convents and relics in and around Tomar. The accommodation, organisation and knowledge of the guides were outstanding. The tours were jam packed with information, exploration, culture, excellent food and drink, and insight into local Portuguese life and hospitality. We would not hesitate to recommend this company and join further tours ourselves. Denise and Les from Sheffield, UK, September 2011

    It really was a well organised, value for money, trip which did exactly as described on the tin. Paul from Kent, UK April 2012

    An excellent and informative tour. Karen and I loved every minute. The outstanding lunch choice made a great day even better. Without your guidance and knowledge we never would have understood or enjoyed the day as much. Neil and Karen from Virginia, USA, April 2013

    Thank you for an amazing tour and a great historical insight into Tomar, and Portugal as a whole. The places we visited combined with your historical and artistic knowledge made it the highlight of our holiday. Jan and Misbah – Students at Southampton University, UK, June 2013

    An excellent tour. If you’re in Tomar you would be insane not to give Knights Templar Tours a call. Peter and Martina from Sydney, Australia, July 2013

  64. peter says:

    This review in German was submitted by Jochen from Germany direct.
    Liebe Freunde, Silvia, Peter und Joao, … Ihr habt es geschafft …
    nachdem ich im September 2014 nur einen Tag zur Verfügung hatte und mir Joao im
    Golega County eine ehemalige Commanderie, ergänzt um ein rundum Info Programm zu
    portugiesischer Geschichte, Templern und Christusrittern näherbrachte, gab es
    Steigerung auf Steigerung … die verträumt idyllische, ehemalige Templerfestung
    Castelo Almourol und TOMAR … Stadt des 1160 vom Templer Ordensmeister
    gegründeten Convents, welches schließlich zum Convent der Christusritter wurde.
    Die Eindrücke waren faszinierend und untermauert vom wissenschaftliche Backround
    Joaos welches, ohne spekulativ zu werden doch naturgemäß Raum für
    Interpretationen lässt.

    Geradezu süchtig machend, so war es ein „muss“, gleich im November wieder nach
    Portugal zu fliegen und vorab mit Joao eine individuelle Tour zu planen
    … auf den Spuren der portugiesischen Geschichte …
    Start in Tomar, Convent, City, Templerkirche Santa Maria Olival, Synagoge und
    die „schönsten Tavernen“ Portugals, eintauchen in Geschichte aber auch
    kulinarisch und zu Land und Leuten … die nächsten Tage sollte es weitergehen in
    die Steinzeit, Dolmen und Menhire des Alentejo –Dos Almendres, Zambujero- bei
    Evora mit seinen römischen Spuren -Diana Tempel, Akuädukt, Burg- dann Monsaraz
    die Templerdomäne aus dem Bilderbuch mit seinen weißen Häusern und der
    unbeschreiblichen Kirche auf der Bergspitze mit Blick über die Grenze, …
    schließlich Grenzpassage nach Spanien ins bereits phönizisch gegründete Jerez de
    los Caballeros. Jeder Schritt begleitet von Wissen und Geschichten, Vorder- wie
    Hintergründiges von Joao mit einem typisch spanischen Ausklang am Abend in den
    Tapas Bars in Jerez.
    Die nächste Etappe führt schließlich wieder in die „jüngere Geschichte“ in der
    Festungsstadt Elvas des 17. Jhdt. dann über die Burg Marvao zurück nach Tomar.

    Den Abschlusstag füllten die Besuche der Kathedrale in Batalha aus dem 14.
    Jhdt., das Naturschauspiel der Riesenwellen in Nazaré und die Bilderbuchstadt
    Obidos aus.

    Alles in Allem eine abwechslungsreiche Entdeckungsreise durch Portugal abseits
    der Strände, voller historischer Überraschungen in den Kirchen, auf den Straßen
    und an den Fassaden, hunderte Details mit faszinierender Wirkung. Ich danke Euch
    für die Organisation und die freundschaftliche Stimmung welche mich nicht als
    Tourist sondern als Freund mit Euch entdecken lassen … und neugierig machen auf
    mehr! Ich freue mich darauf …


  65. Samuel Nadelman - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil says:

    We've got a great tour around Tomar (Portugal) with the guide Cecilia. She was nice and showed us all her knowledge about the history of the region, including the jewish heritage that we were particularly interested.
    Samuel - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  66. Cheryl McGraw says:

    Tom and I met Peter and Sylvia in the customs line entering Portugal. What a happy accident!
    We started out inviting a few of our group of artists and art spouses to do a one day tour of Knights Templar sites in and near Tomar. We ended up with fifteen of our group going and having a fabulous day. We went to a fortress in the Tagus river, saw an amazing medieval to 16th or 17th Church and had the benefit of the history lessons provided by Ana, Peter and Sylvia. They are all knowledgeable and really added to our appreciation of what we saw. The whole day was terrific. We will let lots of people know that this is a great addition to the popular things to do in Portugal.
    Cheryl McGraw
    North Carolina

  67. Julia & Steve Bolton says:

    We have just returned from a weeks stay near Tomar which included a 2 day tour I booked for my husband’s birthday, as he is very interested in the Templar Knights. The tour was very enjoyable and Joao was very knowledgable on the subject. The places visited were both interesting and stunning, made all the more so by the detail Joao provided about each one. There was lots of information in addtion to the Knights too. Peter was helpful in asking what we really wanted each days intinerary to include and very accommodating to last minute changes we made the day before the tour. All in all 2 great days! Thank you. Julie and Steve, England

  68. Anne and Peter Smith says:

    We went to Tomar to learn more about the Knights Templars.
    To say we had an excellent time is an understatement. We had a fantastic time.
    Peter and Sylvia made all the arrangements from picking us up at the airport to booking our stay at the elegant Templarios Hotel. On our first day they took us and two Americans, who were also staying at the hotel and who at the end of the day became good friends, to see Quinta da Cardiga which had a 12th century tower and an abandoned village. Time seemed to have stood still here and it would have been impossible to find this gem without Peter and Sylvia. Afterwards we took a boat to visit the Knights Templar Castle of Almourol which is situated on an island in a picturesque lake. This was followed by lunch at a friendly café. From there we visited the stunning 16th century aqueduct and the impressive 12th century Knights Templar castle and Convent of Christ. This was a truly inspiring day.
    On our second day we were accompanied by Joao, Peter’s partner who is an extremely knowledgeable and friendly guide. He took us to The World Heritage site of Bathala which was built to celebrate the battle that freed Portugal from Spanish domination, Batalha is awesome. After lunch we went to the seaside village of Nazare and saw some intriguing relics.
    This visit exceeded all our expectations and we saw and learnt so much fascinating history which would have been impossible to experience without the vast knowledge of Peter and Sylvia who also provided cold bottled water, answered any questions and made sure the day was filled with good humour and friendship. We feel very privileged to have taken this journey and will certainly be back. We will have no hesitation in recommending this visit to our friends.
    Anne and Peter Smith Sheffield UK
    July 2014

  69. Jim and Suzanne McDonald says:

    We arrived in Tomar Portugal to visit the castle. My husband had a bit of knowledge about the Knights Templar and wanted to see the Convento de Christo and Almourol castle. we could see the one from our hotel but could not figure out how to get to Almourol. A chance meeting with a lovely English couple in the hotel elevator solved our problem. They told us they were scheduled for a castle tour with Peter and Sylvia. They put us in touch with Peter and we inquired if we might join them. As it turned out they were traveling in a 4 person car but Peter, being very flexible and accommodating, agreed we could tag along in our hired car. That was the beginning of a wonderful and very memorable day! Peter and Sylvia have a wealth of knowledge about the area, it’s history, topography, customs, culture, architecture etc. They share this knowledge enthusiastically and with humor. There was time for questions and more discussion when requested. The tour included stops at local cafés for food and drink and we even enjoyed a boat ride. We visited a Knights Templar farm with beautiful grounds and tower, 2 castles, and an ancient aqueduct with an unusual filtering system. We enjoyed learning many details we would never have learned had we been on our own. The day was immensely enjoyable. We hope to return to Portugal and will definitely book tours with Peter and Sylvia.

    Jim and Suzanne, USA

  70. Kate F - Wisconsin USA says:

    I had a last minute trip to Portugal and booked a tour with Peter. He crafted the tour to fit my schedule, included my areas of interests, and allowed for disabilities such as ability to manage stairs. The tour design allowed time to get the essence of the building as well as photos. Although we were given a lot of information, we were not overwhelmed. Peter has a way of giving information and sprinkling a light humor throughout the tour.

    This tour was different than most tours I’ve taken because of the personalization of the information given. I came away with a great understanding and respect for the mission of the Templars, the sequence of the construction and the purpose of the building throughout the centuries. I was also motivated to seek out more information on the history.

    I will definitely book another tour with Peter and will recommend it to my friends. Kate F. – Wisconsin, USA

  71. simon connally gckt says:

    Thanks to Peter and Knights Templars Tomar we went to Tomar for our second visit May 2014 and had a fantastic time. If you have an interest in Knights Templar history this is the place for you. Peter could not do enough for us. Wether you want an intensive trip or a little more laid back Peter and Knights Templar Tomar will pull out all the stops. On both trips Oct 2013 and May 2014, we went to some amazing places and I highly recommend a visit to Monsanto. So if you want a really unforgettable trip and visit some amazing places
    I would highly recommend Peter and Knights Templar Tomar you will learn lots and have a wonderful time

    Simon and Michele Connally – Wales

  72. Sheila Dierking - Texas USA says:

    We arranged for the one day Templar Knights tour since my 2 friends and I wanted to see Tomar and Alcobaca but were traveling by train not car. Responses to email were prompt. They arranged to pick us up where we were staying in Coimbra. They designed the tour but assured us of flexibility if there was more, or less, we wanted to see. Prior to arrival, they were able to accommodate a change in dates for us.
    Joao picked us up on time at the place we stayed in Coimbra and drove us to Tomar. He gave us the real history of the Templar Knights as we drove. The tour was amazing! Joaos’ depth of knowledge, pointing out things that were subtle, his enthusiasm for the sight and the area, and his ability to answer questions was amazing. After touring Tomar we met Peter and his wife Sylvia and had lunch in Tomar, then off with Ana to see Alcobaca and they arranged for us to see Nazare as well. Then back to Tomar where Joao was waiting to take us back to Coimbra.
    The private tour allowed us to see everything, not be rushed, not be stuck in the herd of people, no need to push to the front so you could hear the guide. It was a wonderful experience and I would repeat it again.

  73. Jean de Souza - Singapore says:

    My son and I took a 3 day private tour with João of Templar Knights and it was truly an amazing 3 days. João picked us up from our hotel in Lisbon and accommodated our request to tour through Obidos, Nazare, Fatima and the little towns in between before arriving at Tomar for our Tomar tour. Journeying with João was like travelling with a friend. His knowledge of history and the stories and anecdotes kept us totally captivated throughout. The tour was well paced leaving more than enough time to wander through all the sites as well as to just sit and admire the view over the must have chocolate Ginjha. We have been raving about our Templar knights trip to all our friends and recommending Templar Knights tour as well as Portugal for their next holiday. We hope to return to Tomar and Portugal soon.


  74. Barbara Johnston - Australia says:

    My partner and I visited Tomar in late September 2013 and through my interest in the Knights Templar, I booked a day tour. Wishing now I had booked a 3 day tour. We were fortunate to have not one but two tour guides, João and Peter. Apart from the persistent rain, it was an exceptional day. We learnt so much more Templar and local history then we otherwise would have had access to. Thank you so much Peter and João. We can easily say that the Templar Tour was one amazing highlight of our trip to Europe and we haven’t stoped telling people about it since our return. We loved Tomar and are looking forward to returning sometime in the future. It would be great to see the Festa dos Tabuleiros and the Festa Templária

  75. Saskia - Portugal says:

    I visited Tomar last november and booked a day tour with guide Peter. I knew a bit about the templars and their history, but Peter gave me a much deeper insight. I especially liked the details about daily life and the little hidden jokes here and there. Not something you would notice if not pointed out to you.
    Peter took me to some lovely places and I had a great day out. Thanks a lot.

  76. Michael and Lorraine Pettinella - Australia says:

    History is written by winners, and so our understanding of the Templar Knights was of bigoted ignorance.The Knights where subdued and there chivalry continued.
    Our tour with the Templar Knights was extremely fascinating and intriguing, flavored with great local culinary, scenery and people.
    We where fortunate to experience such a memorable trip and look forward to returning to Tomar.

    Michael and Lorraine Pettinella

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