Megalith and Prehistory Tours

Megalith and Prehistory Tours

Portugal is home to many thousands of ancient megaliths and monuments. They are among the oldest in the world and some go back nearly 7,000 years.

Some of the most spectacular sites are in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Alentejo is the least developed and sparsest populated region of Portugal. It is also one the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of Europe. It has incredible scenery, fantastic wine, and superb local cuisine. It is like a land time forgot. A truly fitting place for its magnificent megalithic sites.

We can take you on Private Guided tours to a wide variety of stone circles, dolmens, and ancient prehistoric sites. Either on a day trip from Lisbon or Tomar. Or on longer trips to suit yourself involving staying overnight in the Alentejo itself.

Contact us at Or telephone UK (0044) 7711997147 or Portugal (00 351) 913215586.

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